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Hey there dog lovers! I thought maybe we would take a minute and discuss the topic of tough dog chew toys. I think we can all agree that the majority of dogs (maybe all), love to chew. This comes natural to them. Not only does this activity (chewing) promote behavioral satisfaction, it also goes a long way in sustaining their dental health. 

Our furry friends come in all sizes, small to giant, and so does their chewing habits. This article will focus on those canines who not only enjoy the chew, but are aggressive in their chewing. If you own one of these pets like I do, you know what I’m talking about. They have the capacity of tearing up (with their bite) a dog toy in a manner of minutes, especially those that contain a squeaker inside! There goes that $15.00 dog toy in a hurry!!

Is there a solution to this problem? The answer is ‘yes’ and this article will guide you through the topic of these tough dog chew toys. You’re going to discover what makes a chew toy ‘tough’ in this article, as well as taking a look at those indestructible dog chew toys designed to withstand the jaws of even the most enthusiastic chewers. We’re looking at materials and construction that can take a licking and keep on ticking. Let’s get started.

Characteristics of the Best Tough Dog Chew Toys

Let’s now take a look at what separates the best tough dog chew toys from the rest. What is the best dog toys for aggressive chewers? It’s not just about durability; it’s also about design, safety, and materials. 

tough dog chew toysThe materials used are critical to these tough dog chew toys. Rubber, nylon, and rope are among the most common and reliable materials for tough chew toys. These materials are not only durable against sharp teeth but are also safe for your dog’s dental health.

Rubber toys can offer a satisfying bounce and are often dishwasher-safe, making them convenient to clean. Nylon toys boast impressive longevity and can come in various shapes that entice your pet to chew. Rope toys, meanwhile, can help clean your dog’s teeth but must be monitored for fraying.

Design and ergonomics come into play when considering how the toy will engage your pup. A good chew toy should have surfaces and textures that encourage natural chewing instincts while preventing boredom. Some have pockets or grooves where you can add treats to keep your dog interested, which doubles as a great way to stimulate their mind.

To reduce the chances of harm, always choose dog chew toys that are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, the size of the toy should be appropriate for your dog to prevent any choking hazards. Look for toys that have been tested and certified by veterinarians or relevant safety organizations.

Let’s now turn our attention to the selection process. What would be the best fit for your pet? What other aspects of these tough dog chews toys should you consider? This next section will help you answer these questions and hopefully provide a guide in the selection process. Let’s jump in:

Tough Dog Chew Toys … What You Should Consider

Let’s now take a look at a few things to consider when choosing a tough dog chew toy. As mentioned earlier, your pet is unique, and your choice of this chew toy should be one that specifically meets the needs of your canine. Below I have listed a number of tough dog chew toy characteristics and briefly explained the significance of each. Here you go:

  1. Size of ToyMake sure to choose a product that is appropriate for your pet’s size. A toy that is too small in size may increase the odds of choking , where one that is too big might be challenging for your canine to handle.
  2. MaterialThese tough chew toys are available in a number of material types, including elastic, nylon, or hardtough dog chews plastic. These specific materials are designed for the aggressive chewer, so keep this in mind when choosing.
  3. DurabilityConsider tough chew toys will endure the chomping of those aggressive chewers. Selecting a chew toy that contains one of the materials listed above  will assist in the chew’s longevity.
  4. SafetyDon’t overlook the importance of safety when selecting one of these toys. This thought also applies when the chew has been in use, making sure there are no small parts or sharp edges that may be harmful to your pet. Supervision is key!
  5. ReviewsBefore choosing which chew toy will be a good fit for your pooch, I would encourage you to check out some product reviews specifically aimed at the product in question. There should be plenty of reviews from dog owners who have used these tough chew dog toys and will leave an unbiased review.

With this information, you’re set to pick indestructible dog chew toys that will keep your canine’s tail swaying for years. Following up, I’ll share some of my top picks for these tough dog chews and provide some further insight for each.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.

Top-Ranked Tough Chew Toys for Different Dog Breeds

Let’s now take a look at the variety of these tough dog chews designed for specific dog sizes. While not every toy will be suitable for every dog, you’ll find that there are particular toys that tend to align well with the general needs of small, medium, and large breeds. Choose something that resonates with you and your dog’s personality.

 For small breeds, look for toys that are not only durable but also appropriately sized to prevent any potential choking hazards. The Kong Classic, for instance, comes in various sizes and strengths to match dainty little mouths and tenacious chewers alike.

tough dog chewMedium breeds can benefit from a mix of toughness and playfulness. Toys like the West Paw Design’s Zogoflex Hurley, which can withstand the enthusiasms of an active chewer, but also float for those who might enjoy a bit of fetching action in the water.

Now, for the large and powerful breeds, you’re going to want to focus on the heavy-duty options Benebone dog chew toys, with their ultra-durable design and safety guarantee, provide peace of mind and a substantial chew experience for breeds like Mastiffs or Rottweilers.

One brand that I have used over the years with my pets is the Nylabone product. This brand is popular with its safe, long-lasting nylon material, perfect for keeping our babies busy for hours. I have had larger dogs throughout my lifetime, with the exception of a Corgi, and all have enjoyed this specific brand.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. I hope this article has provided you with some valuable insight, and will assist you in the  selection of these tough dog chew toys. From sturdy elastic balls to rough nylon bones, there’s a wide assortment of choices out there to keep your little guy (or big guy) engaged and locked in. Simply make sure to consider factors like material, size, safety, durability and the help of some reviews. With the right tough dog chew, you can give your furry friend hours of safe, enjoyable playtime, knowing they’re getting the mental and physical exercise they need to stay happy and healthy. To your pet’s health!


The purpose of this site and articles are intended to provide a source of entertainment and information. As a dog owner and dog lover myself, I enjoy researching dog food products on the market to provide you with helpful insights. I am not a veterinarian nor an animal nutritionist, just a dog owner who wants to provide a healthy lifestyle to their pet. I use my research to express an opinion which may or may not be one you agree with.

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