Many dog owners who are unhappy with the results of their current food, may be looking for something that would be beneficial to their four-legged companion. One of the brands that have become more and more popular with pet owners throughout the world is known as Vitalin. So, what is Vitalin dog food? In this article I will address this question and give you some specific insight.


Vitalin is based out of the UK and has been around since the 1950’s. The company produces its foods with a ‘holistic’ approach emphasizing on the overall health and well-being of pets. With a combination of nutritional expertise, healthy ingredients and a specific design in their manufacturing process makes Vitalin a product to consider.



What Does Vitalin Offer?


The recipes produced by Vitalin include healthy, wholesome ingredients. The Vitalin Super Premium Life Stage formulas come in a hypo-allergenic recipe that also includes a healthy blend of oils and proteins, nutritional carbohydrates and supplements.  For those unfamiliar with the term ‘hypo-allergenic,’ it refers to allergies that are caused by specific ingredients found in food. Vitalin states that their recipes are formulated to counter this issue. In addition the Vitalin produces a Traditional line of recipes that include: Original Working Dog, Royale Daily Pet, Gold Menu Fussy Eater and Active Working Dog.





  • Protein ( Supplied with British chicken, duck, salmon, and lamb )
  • Chicken Oil ( Energy source )
  • Sunflower Oil ( Source that provides Omega 6 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat and skin )
  • Salmon Oil ( Source of Omega 3 acids )
  • Rice ( Healthy carbohydrate for dogs requiring a wheat gluten free diet )
  • Potato ( Carbohydrate for pets who need a cereal free recipe )
  • Nutritional Supplements Including: Botanicals, and Prebiotics
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Glusomanine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Taurine
  • Cranberry
  • Citrus extracts


To simplify things, the Vitalin recipes are popular for what they do not contain. They are in fact grain free without the use of artificial coloring, preservatives or flavor.


Why Vitalin Dog Food?


For those dog owners looking for a healthy, natural diet for their pets may want to consider Vitalin. The recipes and formulas that are used for consumption are indeed healthy ones, and most surely would provide a well-balanced nutritional diet for your pooch. Vitalin recipes are available for dogs in all life stages, from puppy to senior.


Their Traditional formulas are also popular with pet owners who have used this product with their pets over an extended period of time. Recipes are formulated to address specific needs of individual pets: The Traditional recipes are listed below:


  1. Original Working Dog Muesli ( Formulated for working dogs and greyhounds )
  2. Royale Daily Pet ( Formulated for dogs with normal energy requirements )
  3. Gold Menu Fussy Eater ( Formulated for the picky eater )
  4. Active Working Dog ( Kibble form )


The choices that Vitalin provides dog owners is something that should be considered as well. This makes it possible for pet owners to target the needs of their own pet, and choose a recipe that best fits the needs of their dog. As I mentioned earlier, Vitalin produces recipes for dogs of all life stages as well as specific health concerns including food allergies and sensitive stomachs.


Pros … The Good Stuff


  • Natural, healthy ingredients
  • A number of recipes to choose from ( Puppy to Senior )
  • Nutritional
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Reasonable price compared to other natural dog food products
  • Offers free samples


Cons … Not So Good Stuff


  • Availability ( Can be difficult to find in the USA )
  • Manufactured outside the USA
  • Canned or Wet recipes are not offered



Recommendation … Why and Why Not


Recommending Vitalin dog food for pet owners looking to find a natural, well-balanced diet for their four-legged friends comes with a few hesitations. First of all, the popularity of this product has not really found its way to the United States. In no way am I undermining the quality of this product because I do feel that Vitalin has done their homework and has delivered a quality product.


I am quite confident in the ingredients that can be found in each bag that is packaged and would feel confident and secure in feeding this product to my own dogs. I will tell you that the reviews that I have read seem to cast a very positive light on Vitalin.

I do see the availability of this product for some may be an issue. It is not easily accessible within the USA which can present a bit of a dilemma. Many of the large pet food retailers across the USA do not carry Vitalin at this time.


Final Word


I certainly hope that you have learned some new things regarding Vitalin Pet Food. In my research I did discover some facts regarding Vitalin that I was unaware of. I was not aware that the company was actually based on the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire border and that many of the ingredients used in the recipes comes from local farms within this region.


If you decide to choose this product for your pet, you will be happy to know that the price for this food is somewhat lower than that of other natural food products. Once again, it is all about availability.


I wish you nothing but the best in your search for a diet that will make you and your dog happy. Vitalin, with the reasons mentioned above, is definitely worth considering. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.







Vitalin Dog Food


Natural, Wholesome Recipes







  • Natural, healthy ingredients
  • Offers free samples
  • Cost effective


  • Availability
  • Manufactured outside of USA
  • No canned recipes offered