Natural Dog Food Reviews (5 Points To Consider)

With so many dog food brands on the market, reviewing each and every one would be nearly impossible. I decided to narrow my reviews to products that claimed to be ‘natural’ and providing a healthy diet for our pets. In conducting my research, I looked at the following five brands as well as five criteria in the process of my natural dog food reviews.

  1. Brand Namenatural dog food
  2. Ingredients
  3. Types/Forms
  4. Cost
  5. Pros and Cons

Examining these four elements will hopefully give you a better idea of what to look for in choosing a nutritional, quality food for your pet. I will also tell you that the following brands of dog food are all healthy choices, but remember, the decision to which food to purchase, should be attributed to the needs of your pet. With that said, let’s move on and take a look at a few brands.

Wellness Core (Grain Free)

Product(s) are based on the belief that protein (meat) should be essential to dog’s diet. Balance of organic, natural ingredients. Company has worked with animal nutrition experts, veterinarians , and scientists in production of food.

Ingredients: Deboned turkey, turkey meal, and chicken meal  (Grain free, naturally preserved)

Types/Forms: Canned and Dry – Available in all stages of dog’s life (Puppy to Adult)

Cost: 4 LB ($11)  12 LB ($38)  26 LB ($60)

Pros: Suited for dogs with allergies, dog’s coats, protein rich.      Cons: Little more pricey than others.

Cons: Little more pricey than others.

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Fromm Gold Adult

Fifth generation family-owned company. Based in Wisconsin. Product line contains 7 dry dog foods. Produced at family owned and operated USDA inspected plants in Wisconsin.

Ingredients: Main ingredient comes in a choice of Beef, Chicken, Duck, Fish, Lamb, Pork, Salmon

Types/Forms: Canned and Dry – Available in all stages of dog’s life (Puppy to Adult)

Cost: 15 LB ($24) 33 LB ($50)

Pros: Suited for active, adult dogs (5 yrs and up)

Cons: Not suited for dogs subject to weight gain.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Emphasis is based on the belief that grain free, protein rich diet is essential to dog’s diet. Product line contains 17 dry dog foods. Grain free and plant-based formula.

Ingredients:  Salmon, Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Fish Meal

Types/Forms: Canned and Dry – Available in all stages of dog’s life (Puppy to Adult)

Cost: 4.5 LB ($17)  11LB ($29)  24 LB ($50)

Pros: Full of protein, real meat source.

Cons: Need to control portions in feeding. May result in weight gain.

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Made in Canada with local natural ingredients. Meats are certified for human consumption. Products are grain free.

Ingredients: Fresh chicken and fresh turkey are the first two ingredients.

Types/Forms: Dry – Available in all stages of dog’s life (Puppy to Adult)

Cost: 4.5 LB ($24)   13LB ($52)  25LB ($90)

Pros: Meat (chicken, turkey , fish are fresh), biologically appropriate diet.

Cons: A bit pricey.

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Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix

Emphasis on well-balanced diet, grain free, made with real duck and natural fruits and vegetables. Ingredients are tested thoroughly before product is packaged.

Ingredients: Duck, fruits and vegetables.

Types/Forms: Dry and Canned      Available in all stages of dog’s life (Puppy to Adult)

Cost: 5.5 LB ($20)   25LB ($58)

Pros: All natural, with focus on natural fruits and vegetables.

Cons: Company was sold and now has new ownership.

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The Winner Is …… Your Dog!

At a closer look, you will see that the five brands I reviewed, have a few things in common. First of all, I am absolutely confident that the first ingredient within the dog food, must be comprised of meat. No exceptions to this rule!  This would include any natural meat that has deboned, which simply means that all bones have been removed from the meat(s). Secondly, these products are produced with all stages throughout the dog’s life. I truly believe in using one specific brand throughout your pet’s life has enormous advantages. These products offer these two elements which makes me confident with my purchase.natural dog food

Obviously, there are literally thousands of other dog brands out there that are indeed a natural, wholesome food that would be beneficial to the needs of your pet. I chose these brands to review because I am familiar with each and every one. It is my belief, that you as the owner, must also do some research before deciding which brand is best for your pet. So many factors should go into the final decision including such things as age, health, nutritional needs, allergies, availability, and cost to name a few. No one knows your pet better than you do, so choose wisely! Please feel free to leave a comment below or provide any helpful feedback. Thanks for stopping by!