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Big Dog Bowls

Finding the perfect big dog bowls for your four-legged companion is about to become a lot easier! With a big dog at home, it’s a great idea to find a bowl that supports this size. These big dog bowls will play a vital role in supporting your pet’s overall health and comfort, as we will discover throughout this informative guide. Let’s take a look at some of these big dog bowls now, and the importance they play in your furry friend’s  well-being.

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1. Big Dog Bowls (8 Cup)

Big Dog Bowls

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The large dog bowls provide a number of benefits to your big dog that are worth considering. Due to the size of the larger breed, these big dog bowls play a significant role in the following: Let’s take a look:

  • Reduce or Limit Spillage – Finding the appropriate big dog bowl will certainly help to reduce the mess during the eating/drinking process. Quality big dog bowls help to provide support and balance, keeping kibble and water within the bowl.
  • Portion Control – This helps to reduce the guesswork in providing the appropriate amount of food within the big dog bowl. Larger dogs, with their snouts, simply don’t have the freedom or comfort when consuming food and water from smaller bowls. As a result, it is more likely that you will have a mess on your hands. The larger bowl will dramatically reduce this scenario!
  • Adequate HydrationWith busy dog owners, especially the larger breeds, these big dog bowls are obviously able to contain more water than smaller bowls. Making sure the bowl is filled with fresh water in the morning will allow you to take care of your daily tasks without wandering about your pet’s water bowl. In this scenario, your big boy or big girl pet can stay hydrated throughout the day.


2. Extra Large Dog Bowls (13 Cups) 

extra large dog bowls

This extra large dog bowl offers a number of benefits to you and your pet as well. Similar to the large dog bowls as discussed above, the xl dog bowl also promotes a pleasant dining experience. The OurPets Durapet Premium dog bowl is one that should be considered should you be the owner of large breed at home. Here’s a detailed look at the attributes this bowl provides:

  • Heavyweight stainless-steel bowl is durable and high-quality.
  • Permanently-molded rubber base ring will not fall off.
  • Helps to reduce sliding and noise while your pup chows down.
  • Dishwasher-safe design can be easily cleaned in the machine or with warm and soapy water
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3. Raised Dog Bowls (Elevated) For Large Breeds

elevated dog bowls

The raised or elevated dog bowls also provide the larger breed of dog with some benefits. First of all, this elevation is helpful in eliminating the strain and stress when it comes to the eating or drinking activity. Quite amount of strain occurs when these large dogs ‘bend’ while using bowls flat on the floor. These raised dog bowls are especially beneficial to those dogs with joint issues, arthritis, or overall mobility issues.

These type of dog bowls also help to create a state of cleanliness. Most of these elevated dog bowls are sturdy and solid, eliminating or greatly reducing the amount of food and or water ending up on the floor. A popular elevated dog bowl, the Neater Pets Neater Feeder Deluxe Elevated & Mess-Proof Dog Bowl is pictured above. Here are the details with this product:

  • Raised walls keep water splashes and spills contained within the Feeder.
  • Spilled food stays on the top while water flows through the drainage holes and is collected at the bottom.
  • Protects floors and walls from stains, mold, and damage.
  • Elevated design improves digestion, helps to reduce neck and joint strain, and deters pests from getting in your pet’s food.
  • Bowl Sizes: Small (1.5 Cup Food, 2.2 Cup Water), Medium (3.5 Cup Food, 5 Cup Water), Large (7 Cup Food, 9 Cup Water)
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* To be completely transparent, there has been a few studies regarding the elevated dog bowl. Some believe a serious health condition, known as Bloat (GDV), is increased with the use these elevated dog bowls. Studies regarding this issue, have resulted with conflicting results. If you believe your canine, may be susceptible to Bloat, or have questions pertaining to this issue, be sure to consult with your veterinarian before choosing an elevated dog bowl.

4. Stainless Steel Dog Bowls For Large Dogs

stainless steel dog bowl

The PetRageous Designs Capri Stainless-Steel Dog Bowl (8.75 Cups) is a product worth considering if you prefer one made of stainless steel. Blue in color, this product offers a number of benefits including:

  • Non-skid bottom holds it in place while your furry friend chows down.
  • Easy to carry on outdoor adventures with your pal.
  • Made from sturdy stainless-steel materials and a plastic shell.
  • Safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • Fill it with your pet’s meal or a big bowl of water.
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5. Ceramic Dog Bowls For Large Dogs

ceramic dog bowls

The Waggo Dipper Ceramic Dog Bowl makes a great choice for dog owners who prefer this style of bowl. Available in a wide variety of colors, this 8 cup product also includes a number of other features:

  • Made of 100% hand-dipped ceramic.
  • Heavy weight for less skidding across the floor.
  • Safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher.
  • Available in a variety of colors to fit any aesthetic.
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Final Thoughts

Choosing the proper big dog bowl really comes down to a personal preference. We have looked at five of these options above, with specific details for each. Keep in mind, that these bowls provide a number of benefits to your canine including  less stress on joints, healthier digestive process, and more of an enjoyable dining process. Take the time to consult with your local veterinarian to see which, if any, of these dog bowls for large dogs would be beneficial. Thank you for visiting, to the health of your pet!





Disclaimer – For those unfamiliar with dog food grain-free recipes, there has and is a controversy taking place as I write this article. The FDA has madeetween the grain-free diet and heart disease within dogs. For further information, the American Kennel Club has provided further details. Click here.


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