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Scratching, licking, biting! Stop the madness! If you are an owner of a pet who exhibits these type of symptoms, there is hope. One way to reduce or eliminate these annoying symptoms is through dog food for skin allergies. In this article, we will take a look at the causes of skin allergies, symptoms, and a number of dog food brands specifically designed to alleviate these issues.

Skin Allergies In Dogs … Why?

If your poor fellow is inflicted with a skin allergy, there may be a number of things causing this. As I always tell my readers, consult your veterinarian should you notice an unusual behavior with your pet(s). With that said, let’s take a look at the most common instigators of these skin allergies:

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) –  Most common form of the skin irritant in dogs, a allergic reaction to fleabites.
  • Environmental Allergens (Atopic Dermatitis ) – Comes from such things as pollen, dust, mold, etc.)
  • Dog Food – Usually comes in protein forms (Chicken, Beef, Dairy Products, etc.)

Your vet should be able to identify the culprit, and provide feedback in alleviating this problem. This article pertains to  dog food as it relates to a skin allergy, so we will continue with that as our main focus.


Symptoms Of Skin Allergies … What To Look For

Dog Food For Skin Allergies

With a better understanding of the ’causes’ associated with dog skin allergies, what symptoms may be notice that are out of the ordinary? Should you notice any of the behaviors that I have listed below, it may be related to a skin allergy in some form. According to  the Animal Hospital of Clemmons, these are the signs to watch for:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Excessive licking
  • Rubbing of ears or face
  • Biting or chewing the skin
  • Rubbing or scooting on surfaces
  • Red, irritated or flakey skin
  • Sores
  • Hair loss

That’s a serious list of, ‘ I’m getting my pet some help today, ‘ is it not? Assuming this skin allergy is related to an ingredient or ingredients within your pet’s dog food, let’s take a look at a number of dog food for skin allergies , that may help. 


What’s In Your Dog Food … The Culprit?

dog with vet


According to Dr. Justin Shmalberg, a DVM, ” In a true dog food allergy, the culprit is often a food protein that triggers an adverse immune response, which then causes cells in the body to release histamines or compounds that lead to itching and many other allergic signs.”

Okay, let’s assume your vet and yourself have determined that your pooch is allergic to a certain food ingredient. As mentioned earlier in this article, protein ( Chicken, Dairy Products, Beef, Lamb ) is often the culprit when it comes to a  skin allergy.

Determining which ingredient is the irritant (culprit) to this allergy is not a simple process. Working with your veterinarian, the testing process may take weeks to determine which ingredient needs to be eliminated from your pet’s diet. 

Dog Food For Skin Allergies … Where Do You Start?

There are a number of dog food for skin allergies on the market today that target dogs with a skin allergy.  Below I have listed three of the more popular types of diets associated with this infliction. and a couple of wholesome brands for each. Let’s take a look at these below:

  1. Prescription Diet – Depending on the severity of your pet’s symptoms, your local veterinarian may suggest this type of diet. While this choice can be costly, it does provide your pet with a healthy, nutritional diet. My two choices will include the Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d Skin/Food Sensitivities and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein HP.
  2. Grain-Free Diet – A popular choice for a lot of dog owners, this type of diet is free from such grains including wheat, corn which may act as the irritant. For a nutritional grain-free brand, I would suggest the ACANA Freshwater Fish Recipe Grain-Free or Wellness CORE Grain-Free Wild Game Duck.
  3. Limited Ingredient Diet – This  Dog Food For Skin Allergies is unique in that it often will just contain one source of protein like beef, chicken, etc. As mentioned earlier in this article, proteins may often be the source of your dog’s irritant. Two quality brands to consider are the Instinct Limited Ingredient Recipe or the Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet Grain-Free Adult Salmon & Lentils recipe.

Note: This article contains affiliate links and offers, and I may receive a commission if you decide to purchase one of these products.

Final Thoughts

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Look, a pet inflicted and suffering from a skin allergy is no laughing matter. As we found out above, the flea dermatitis is the most common source as it relates to the dog skin allergy. We looked at a number of the symptoms associated with these skin allergies as well, none of which seem pleasant.

Determining which ingredient may be the culprit as it relates to your pet’s food, is not an easy task. The most common irritant seems to come in the form of protein, such things as chicken, beef, corn, etc. Working with your vet, he’/she should be able to identify the ingredient (s) that are causing the issue.

In addition, we took a look at three types of diets that may be beneficial. Your veterinarian should be able to suggest which one of these would work best. Finally, I gave you a couple of dog food brands that I would recommend within these type of diets. Each one of these is wholesome, nutritious, and brands that are popular with dog owners.

Thank you for visiting my site! To the health of your pet!





For those unfamiliar with dog food grain-free recipes, there has and is a controversy taking place as I write this article. The FDA has made public that it has launched an investigation between a possible connection between the grain-free diet and heart disease within dogs. For further information, the American Kennel Club has provided further details. Click here.
The purpose of this site and articles are intended to provide a source of entertainment and information. As a dog owner and dog lover myself, I enjoy researching dog food products on the market to provide you with helpful insights. I am not a veterinarian nor an animal nutritionist, just a dog owner who wants to provide a healthy lifestyle to their pet. I use my research to express an opinion which may or may not be one you agree with. assumes no responsibility or liability for the use or misuse of what’s written on this site. You should always consult with a veterinarian if you should have questions regarding your dog’s diet or overall health.




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