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1.) Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food: What They Offer


The Hill’s Pet Nutrition Company manages three different product lines namely the Ideal Balance, Science Diet and Prescription Diet. The Science Diet line of products is known as “the science behind happy”. As stated by the Science Diet website, all products are made with nutritious ingredients, produced with precise nutrition, and held to the best standards of quality to ensure the healthiness and happiness of dogs. 


Hill’s Science Diet dog food is rich in proteins like real chicken, sheep, and salmon as the basic ingredient combined with other natural ingredients. There are no artificial colors, flavorings, or chemicals and each prescription is supplemented with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Hill’s Science Diet recipes are devise by dog nutritionists, produced in keeping with the brand’s “desired to make the healthiest dog food available to make sure your dog is as healthy and happy as he can be”.


2.) Is Hill’s Science Diet Made in the United States?


dog laying downThe Hill’s Science Diet dog food is sold in 86 different organizations around the world. The Hill’s Pet Nutrition Company is headquartered in Topeka, KS – the Hill’s Pet Nutrition Center is where the company manufacture all of their recipes. The Hill’s website does not give specific information about where their goods are made except to say that their products are made in the U.S with ingredients from Europe, North America and New Zealand.



3.) Where Does Hill’s Science Diet Get Their Ingredients?


In regards to their products, Hill’s make uses of 220 veterinarians, technicians, food scientists and nutritionists to develop formulas that meet the nutritional demands of dogs. Hill’s only uses ingredients from plants which meet their quality standards and each ingredient is carefully checked to ensure quality and safety.


4.) What Type of Dog Food Does Hill’s Science Diet Offer?


dog with vetThe Hill’s Science Diet label of dog food has a wide range of alternatives to choose from in both dehydrated foods and wet foods for dogs. The Science Diet website shows a sum of 76 different products, 30 of which are dry foods, 30 of which are canned foods, and 16 of which are dog treats. For dehydrated dog foods, Hill’s Science Diet offers a variety of life stage- and breed size-specific recipes in addition to some functional recipes for weight management, growth, mobility, and sensitivities. Science Diet packaged foods come in many of the same recipes as the dry foods with the addition of flavorful stews and other wet food options.




5.) Is Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Expensive?


The Hill’s Science Diet brand of dog food is somewhat expensive when compared to usual kibble options. In many cases, a bigger price tag is correlated with higher quality, but that is not necessarily the case with this label. The average rate for a 30-pound bag of Hill’s Science Diet dry dog feed ranges from about 35USD to 75 USD, depending on the recipe. You can buy 5. 8-ounce cans of Hill’s Science Diet moist dog feed in cases of 24 for 25USD to 45USD which gives you an average price of around $1.45 per can. A case of twelve 13-ounce cans ranges from $16 to $40 which gives you an average price of $2.30 per can.





As you can see, Hill’s Diet Dog Food can be purchased in both the canned and kibble recipes. For many dog owners, including myself, choose to add a ‘topper’ of the canned food on top of the kibble which my dogs seem to enjoy. Because this product comes in a variety of flavors, my dogs are able to enjoy a variety of tastes.

In addition, this product offers specific recipes that target specific health issues. Health concerns including such things as aging, dental issues, digestive issues, food sensitivities, skin sensitivities, and weight management can all be found within the Hill’s Science Diet Food products.

I always encourage pet owners to conduct some sort of research before choosing on a product. Talk to your veterinarian, ask questions and perhaps even consult with a pet nutritionist. The pet food industry is huge, with many companies spending thousands if not millions of dollars in marketing their product.  Don’t assume anything!

For your convenience, I have left a number of these items listed above so you can take a look for yourself. If you have any questions regarding this product, or would like to leave a comment, feel free to do so below.



There have currently been three class action lawsuits against the company. A major recall of its products has taken place, For further details, click here.







Hello there dog lovers! My name is Luke, a retired school administrator and professional baseball player. Like you, I am a passionate about the well-being of my pets. As a result of this, I have spent years of research in finding the best dog food products to ensure my dogs are receiving a healthy, nutritional diet. I actually enjoy the research, and want to share my findings with you, dog owners like myself. I am in no way an expert, but through my research, have knowledge as it relates to the benefits of a natural dog food.


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