Finding the best dog food for sensitive stomachs is becoming more and more of an issue for pet owners throughout the world. Unfortunately, many of our canines, for a number of reasons, simply can’t digest the food which is placed in front of them, and show signs of discomfort.  Here are the symptoms that your dog may exhibit as a result of a sensitive stomach:


Does Your Dog Show Any Of These Signs?  There Is An Answer!


  • Loose stools (Diarrhea)dog with questions
  • Vomiting
  • Constant itching
  • Hot spots ( May develop anywhere on dog’s body )
  • Lack of energy (Lethargic)

If you are seeing these symptoms, what is your next step?


Those Nasty Ingredients … One By One

magnifying glassTo answer this, it is important to determine which ingredient or ingredients may be causing this distress. If you, in fact, have taken your dog to the vet, and your vet has concluded that there are no other health issues going on, it most probably will involve your food choice. Ingredients within the dog food such as fiber, fat or proteins may be the culprit.

Not to fret, as there are a number of quality dog food brands out there that target dogs in all life stages that are experiencing symptoms of a sensitive stomach. If you are asking, “what is the best dog food for sensitive stomachs,” you can click on the link to determine which brand or product is reputable and effective.


Here To Help …girl with dog


You may have to use somewhat of a ‘trial’ to determine which ingredient may be causing your dog’s illness. Is it a certain protein, fiber, grain? This may be become a process of elimination for you, may take some time, and money. For me, the end result was well worth it. There is a comment section below that I would encourage you to leave me a question, add a comment, or any other feedback. I will indeed respond in a timely manner, as the health of all our pets is something I am very passionate about! To the health of your pet!


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Hello there dog lovers! My name is Luke, a retired school administrator and professional baseball player. Like you, I am a passionate about the well-being of my pets. As a result of this, I have spent years of research in finding the best dog food products to ensure my dogs are receiving a healthy, nutritional diet. I actually enjoy the research, and want to share my findings with you, dog owners like myself. I am in no way an expert, but through my research, have knowledge as it relates to the benefits of a natural dog food.


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